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Whole Home Surge Protection in San Francisco, CA

If you don’t have a grounding system in your home or business then you are taking a potentially very costly risk. It just takes one large power surge to hit your come to instantly ruin numerous costly electronic devices and appliances in your home. Even smaller, continuous bursts can slowly damage your equipment without you even noticing until it is too late. The electricians at Mister Sparky are ready to help you avoid these frustrating situations by providing you with our whole home surge protection in San Francisco, CA.

Think you are able to protect yourself with just a few power strips? Then you are going to be in for a rude awakening the next time a surge hits your home. Point of use protection is only capable of securing very small sections of your home. Our grounding system installation, however, protects the entire thing. That is what makes our surge protection services not only the smarter choice, but also the more affordable one in the long run.

Protect Against Surges with Our Grounding System

Learning about power surges and spikes is the first step to stopping them from ruining your day. Power surges and spikes are momentary bursts of electricity that run through your electrical lines. Some of these bursts are capable of increasing the energy in your lines by thousands of votes, which can easily burn out most electronics. A burst is usually caused by something outside of your home, such as a lightning storm, but can also come from fluctuations from inside of your property. No matter what is causing the fluctuation, however, it is important to make sure you have the proper protection.

Our grounding systems stop surges for damaging your home. With our whole home surge protection you are able to keep yourself safe from potential fire hazards while also protecting yourself from potentially losing hundreds to thousands of dollars in electrical appliances, devices, and equipment.

Electrician in San Francisco, CA

Technology has become very ingrained into our homes. The increase of electronics we use on a daily basis, however, also means an increase of the amount of items at risk during a power surge. Your refrigerator, AC unit, computer, television, washer, dryer, phone, microwave, and just about anything else you have plugged into an outlet is at risk if your property isn’t protected by a grounding system. With our whole home surge protection, however, you are able to create a line of defense for each outlet in your property. This means if your home or business experiences a power surge, you won’t have to worry about having to rebuy all of your appliances all over again.

Contact us for more information about how a whole home surge protection system can help you save your electronics. Our grounding system installations are available to individuals located throughout the communities of San Francisco, Daly City, South San Francisco, and Pacifica, California, as well as the surrounding areas.